• What time of day should I take Remedi? 

    We recommend taking Remedi twice a day. This can be once during your morning routine and once during your nighttime routine.

    If it is difficult to take Remedi twice a day, taking 2 servings at the same time is fine to do as well.

  • How does Remedi make its products? 

    To make Remedi products, our organic hemp goes through a process called extraction.

    At Remedi, we perform whole plant organic hemp extraction with zero chemicals. This process retains maximum hemp nutrients. Additionally, our organic hemp passes several checkpoints to thoroughly test for quality and safety.

    When all of the nutrients of hemp are taken together, they may make your body work better to regulate pain, stress, and sleep.

  • Where does Remedi’s organic hemp come from? 

    Remedi’s organic hemp is grown, extracted, and packaged in South Carolina.

  • Why do we love Remedi? 

    At Remedi, we believe in the therapeutic power of hemp. We design daily wellness products made with organic hemp extract so that you can be at your everyday best.

    Remedi’s hemp is always organic and always hand picked.

    We perform whole plant organic hemp extraction, so that you may receive the most benefit that hemp has to offer.

    All Remedi products are non-intoxicating, non-addictive, and easy to dose.

  • Where can I purchase Remedi? 

    Remedi can be purchased directly at

  • Can I give Remedi products to my pet? 

    Remedi products are formulated for human use only.
    Please consult your pet’s veterinarian for additional questions.

  • Is Remedi safe to take with my other medication? 

    Before beginning a Remedi routine, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional to discuss your other medications.

  • Do Remedi products expire? 

    Remedi products can be used for up to 2 years after the delivery date.